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Welcome To Sedgwick County 

Board Members

Executive Director

Michelle Stang

As Director of Economic Development my goal is to bring new business to the county as well as supportive services to already established businesses. I will continue working with Sedgwick County to help bring the three towns together in making a thriving community.


Frankie Hernandez

As President of the Sedgwick County Economic Development Board I would like to see all three towns of Sedgwick County work together as one, to promote new businesses and growth throughout Sedgwick county.  As a community we need to support each other thru this economic hardship. I would also like to see new business come to the area and more housing for the residents. Together is the answer for economic growth and making for a strong united county.

Vice President

Jack Devie

Jack has been a member of Sedgwick COunty since 1986. After farming for 38 years he's found his passion being a Peer & family Support Specialist through Milestone Community Wellness. Before that he was a volunteer peer for 3 years. His passion is farming & Ranching along with people and their families that suffer from SUD/AUD and mental health.


McKayla Burdette

I joined the board of the Sedgwick County Economic Development because I am deeply invested in the growth and future of our community. Having moved here to raise a family, I'm motivated to restore the small-town spirit we cherished before COVID. My aim is Ito unite our community and promote a return to our traditional values. Additionally, through my upcoming venture, Artful Enchantments, a laser engraving business, I hope to contribute to the economic prosperity of Sedgwick County.

Secretary/ Treasurer

Tony Ortiz

"Sedgwick County is home. I'm all for my community and helping to make it a better place In anyway possible. I joined the board to do my part with an open mind to continue growth in our community."

Assistant / Head of Marketing

Cassandra Kizer

Joined in 2023

Recently returned to Sedgwick County after living in the big cities for 10+ years to be a full-time entrepreneur. After working a corporate job for 8 years I decided I wasn't fulfilled and took a chance on myself. I'm dedicated to helping other small business owners feel empowered to step out of their comfort zone to chase their dreams. 

Voting Member

Jennessa Shoup

Joined in 2024 

As a person that was born and raised in Sedgwick county, I have a vested interest in the community and it’s evolution as we raise the next generation. I feel that my position on the board gives me the ability to influence and and make an impact.

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