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                  A brief snap shot of the events home to Sedgwick County



Grant for future leaders in our community allowed for the kids to learn how to build gaming computers from the ground up. 2 Day program and at the end of the 2 days each kid was presented a check for the hours worked. 

Golden Plains Robotics 

The purpose of the robotics challenge is to excite and inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math while developing career skills for tomorrow's technical leaders. Free to schools, all of the equipment and materials was provided to the teams at no cost.

Cruise Night 

Gallery Of Sedgwick County Annual Cruise Night, Hosted in August Every year. Hot rods from all over the surrounding area and from across America come to support Cruise Night. Local vendors and shops open to public, as well as one of the Oldest dragstrips in America, Located on Highway 138 in Sedgwick County. We proudly print all marketing for this event.

Building Improvement  Projects 

Sedgwick County Economic Development received a grant from the Stretesky Foundation to begin a “Sedgwick County Business Improvement Project”. The program was developed in recognition of the need to encourage and financially assist businesses in the county to replace existing signs that are old or to put signs up where there is none and/or improve the facade of businesses to look more appealing to shoppers who visit the county’s business areas. The project will help to beautify the county and create uniformity.

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