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Picture arial view of Sedgwick County Colorado

Sedgwick County is located in the extreme Northeast corner of Colorado at the crossroads of Interstate 80 and Interstate 76. Bordering to the North and East by Nebraska. Sedgwick County has been given the name, "Gateway to Colorado." The climate, growing season, precipitation, surface and ground water, soil characteristics and natural vegetation make the area conducive to farm and ranch production. Sedgwick County depends on corn for grain and silage, wheat, sorghum, grain dry beans, barley, millet, oats, sugar beets, cattle, swine production and a number of agriculturally related businesses as its economic base.

Our Towns 

map image with Sedgwick Colorado pinpointed
map with Julesburg Colorado pin pointed
map with Ovid Colorado Pin pointed
Julesburg welcoming sign
Town of Sedgwick welcoming sign
Ovid's water tower


  • The historic town of Julesburg is a statutory town that is the county seat of Sedgwick CountyColorado, United States. The town is located on the north side of the South Platte River. It is the northernmost town in the state, located less than a mile south of the Nebraska border.

  • It was the location of Colorado’s first railroad in 1867. You can visit the depot now, which is now a museum called the Depot Museum.

  • Ovid, Colorado Tucked away in Colorado’s most northeastern corner, near the Wyoming and Nebraska borders, Ovid is a small town in Sedgwick County. Dating back to 1925, Ovid hit its peak when the Great Western Sugar Company built a large sugar beet plant in town.

  • The factory has since been deserted but the steam-powered locomotive (Dinky) was saved and now is available for visitors to see at the Ovid Park.


  • Sedgwick is a small rural town in Sedgwick County located in Colorado’s far eastern plains. The history of the town dates back to the early 1900s and was a vibrant community thriving along the United Pacific Railroad.

  • Today the town remains a growing community with local businesses, restaurants, and lodging options for those visiting.

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